Denis O’Hare Is Checking Into American Horror Story:

von Sydney Bucksbaum |  Sydney Bucksbaum 18. Juni 2015 – 18:39

American Horror Story: Hotel‘s rooms are filling up quickly!

FX’s hit anthology horror series is rounding out its cast for the new season. Just a day after announcing that American Horror Story: Freak Show star Finn Wittrock would be returning for AHS: Hotel, executive producer Ryan Murphy revealed that another alum would be joining the cast.

In an interview with Deadline, the showrunner announced that Denis O’Hare has signed on for the new season.

We’re just finalizing Denis O’Hare’s deal, he’s going to come back,” Murphy says. “Everybody else is pretty much done.”

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He continues, “We start shooting in three weeks and we’re building this incredible set which is one of our best sets ever I think—which is saying a lot because our production designer Mark Worthington I thought really outdid himself in Freak Show—but we’re building this incredible six-story Art Deco hotel on the Fox lot.”

Murphy also revealed some intriguing details about characters we’ll be seeing checking into AHS: Hotel.

“Everybody in the show is very excited about this season, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters particularly because in every season thus far they’ve always been sort of the heroes, the good guy or the good lady so to speak, and this season they’re playing absolute evil villains,” Murphy says. “So they’re very excited about that and I think people will really enjoy it, and the Lady Gaga part is bananas good.”

Fans can expect Hotel to be different from past AHS seasons for one huge reason: Jessica Lange will not be returning to the franchise.

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“Before, we’ve always been very driven by the Jessica Lange character,” Murphy says. “She was always the lead character. This year, it’s a true ensemble and I think we have more male parts and more male stories. The Wes Bentley part is really big, the Matt Bomer part is really big; Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock are really big. That’s not to say that the women aren’t either; I mean Kathy Bates and Gaga and Paulson’s part and Angela Bassett’s part are great. But I guess it’s a different tone this year than we’ve had.”

As for the inspiration behind this year’s theme of hotels, Murphy revealed the subject matter comes from a very real, terrifying place. 

It’s based in the hotel in horror movies and horror troves,” Murphy says. “We’ve researched several real-live hotels in downtown LA where absolutely horrifying things happened…when you check into a hotel, there are certain things beyond your control. Other people have the keys to your room; they can come in there. You’re not exactly safe, it’s a very unsettling idea.”

American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in October on FX. 

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