Craig Strickland’s Cause of Death Revealed, Medical

Nearly three months after his passing, the cause of Craig Strickland‘s death has been officially ruled by a medical examiner.

According to the autopsy report obtained by E! News, the country singer died from hypothermia while the manner of death was ruled an accident.

Following the news of Strickland being found over a week after he went missing during a duck-hunting trip with his friend Chase Morland, who also tragically died, his wife Helen Strickland released the following statement:

“#CraigStrickland was found today. He is safe with his Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord for leading us to him today. I will praise you, Amen.”

Less than a week ago, Craig’s widow took a photo of his burial site after she finished arrangements on his headstone.

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“Even in the hardest of times we have so much to be thankful for! Today we set Craig’s headstone and our family could not be more happy with how it turned out!! It’s everything I’d hoped it would be,” she explained.

“It’s carved in the shape of AR, with a guitar and music notes over Fayetteville and Craig’s quote at the bottom.”

She documented herself picking up his headstone on Instagram, and explained that she selected an “Arkansas native sandstone that will be chiseled into the shape of the Natural State.”

“It had to be one of a kind for a one of a kind man like Craig Michael. He would love it.”

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