Christian Bale Drops Out of Enzo Ferraro Biopic, Lacking Time

Christian Bale will no longer be behind the wheel in Enzo Ferrari.

E! News has confirmed that the 41-year-old actor decided to drop out of the Michael Mann-helmed biopic about the iconic auto magnate. We’re told that Bale, who was slated to star in the film, pulled out of the project because of health concerns.

A source tells us that while it’s not specifically about the star not wanting to gain weight for the role, as other outlets have reported, his reasoning is related to that fact.

“It is because he made radical transformations in the past for roles such as The Machinist and American Hustle and began the weight gain process for Ferrari he felt necessary, but couldn’t safely be ready in time for Spring, 2016,” the insider explains.

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The film, which is scheduled to begin filming in Italy this spring, takes place in 1957 and follows the personal story of the famous automaker and his passion over the course of his 90-year life, based on the Enzo Ferrari biography written by Brock Yates.

As previously stated, Bale is absolutely no stranger to intense weight transformations for roles.

The actor has been on both ends of the weight spectrum. Some of you might remember that the celeb packed on 43 pounds of belly fat for his role in American Hustle, but was drastically thin in The Machinist, where he dropped 62 pounds by surviving on only black coffee, an apple and a can of tuna each day. Yeesh!

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Deadline was first to report the story.

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