Chrissy Teigen Feels “Like Such an Assless

von Bruna Nessif |  Bruna Nessif 19. November 2014 – 20:37

Chrissy Teigen, you’re perfect.

But even an amazingly gorgeous supermodel has certain parts of herself that she doesn’t feel that confident about, and for Teigen right now, it’s her bum (or lack thereof).

The outspoken star took to Twitter (of course) to talk about the lack of junk in her trunk while also seemingly calling out a mystery person. “Honestly I don’t care that you got your ass done I just wanna know that you got your ass done so I don’t feel like such an assless idiot,” she tweeted.

Wait, that who got their ass done?

LOOK: This is Kim Kardashian’s oiled bare butt on a magazine cover

Unfortunately, John Legend‘s ladylove never specified who the tweet was directed to (ugh!), but there’s one person (and their booty) who come to mind—Hi, Kim Kardashian!

Sure, we could be wrong, but right now it seems like anything and everything that has to do with butts is inspired by the brunette beauty, and considering her recent photo shoot, that’s completely understandable.

Paper magazine kicked off the holiday season with a pow, tweeting out its Winter 2014 cover featuring a butt-naked Kim, covered in oil and providing a head-on view of her bare backside as she casually emerges from a black beaded evening gown.

The mag and Kim herself hoped to #BreakTheInternet with the reveal, and they were on their way, until they later released her full-frontal picture. Game over.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand, if Chrissy was referring to Kim—it’s real.

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