Brooke Shields Turns Herself Into a Human Barbie, Poses in a

von Natalie Finn |  Natalie Finn 16. Dezember 2014 – 18:15

This might be a case where it’s OK to tamper with the original packaging.

Brooke Shields went a little overboard with the holiday crafting yesterday, fashioning a life-size replica of a Barbie doll box and turning herself into the latest human Barbie (minus most of the weirdness that usually accompanies that moniker).

“I made this thanks to you #ContainerStore!!” the actress captioned an Instagram pic of herself wearing a glittery green top and flashing her best glazed smile from the confines of…

A box!

Children’s toys that just aren’t right for children

Shields covered her box with sparkly red paper—minus the clear plastic side for the person, er, doll to peek through—and topped it with a big gold bow.

Perfect for the adults on your list (whom you plan on giving as gifts to other people)!

But while nothing may compare to the life-size Barbie box, Shields has apparently been in the Christmas spirit for a while. Last week the actress shared a pic of all the popcorn she’s been making to hand out as gifts in individual mason jars. (Either that or movie night at the Shields-Henchy house is stocked forever.)

“Homemade popcorn overload! Merry Christmas!” she wrote.

We can’t wait to see what holiday gift ideas will spring from the star’s Instagram next.

Stars celebrating Christmas already this year!

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