Anne then went on to elucidate that those that know her perceive that she likes to be requested whether or not it’s a good time to name earlier than they telephone, and that in relation to any suiters, she would favor it in the event that they emailed her. She joked: “You don’t have to send me a letter through the post or anything!” The star additionally stated that she was stunned at how straightforward she discovered it to work together along with her camp mates throughout her time in I’m A Celebrity, and although she thought it might be arduous, she discovered it to be “less of a challenge” than she anticipated.

Anne added that going into the jungle helped viewers to see her as herself, somewhat than as her alter-ego, The Governess. She stated: “For a long time I wasn’t allowed to be anything but The Governess when I went on TV, even if I went on a talk show I had to be in costume. I mean guys, I own clothes!”

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