Even though 2013 was a career defining year for Anne Hathaway, mainly for the numerous awards she received for her role in the musical ‘Les Misérables,’ it seems the more success and critical acclaim she received, the more haters the actress garnered.

Anne Hathaway
Hathaway spoke about being hated by the public

While speaking to the ‘Daring Issue’ of November’s Harper’s Bazaar, which she features on the front cover of, Hathaway finally addressed the overwhelming ‘Hathahate’ period and recalled the moment she first read an article titled, “Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway?”

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“Punched in the gut, shocked and slapped and embarrassed. Even now I can feel the shame,” she said of her initial reaction. “I was in crisis, now I’d be fine. I really would be. I’d let it roll off my back, but at the time I was still partly Fantine [her character in Les Mis]. I was still identifying with being a victim.”

The 31 year-old actress also discussed her awkward acceptance speech at the 2013 Golden Globes, which she forgot to thank her manager of 15 years, and why she decided to take the microphone when ‘Les Misérables’ was awarded for the Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.

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“While everyone was still getting onstage, I spoke. I should have gone after everyone else. I own that; it was rude. People saw that as grabby, I guess. I don’t know,” she explained.

Anne Hathaway
Hathaway recalled receiving negatives reactions after her ‘Les Misérables’ role

“Even though I’ve had great success, touch wood, it hasn’t been easy. A lot of people have told me, ‘You’re not this and so can’t play that,’ and I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told I’m not sexy,” Hathaway told the mag of her career path.

“I just go: ‘I’m a lot of things. Just because I don’t wear my sexiness overtly doesn’t mean that I can’t become that girl for a role. That’s what I do; I become things. Use your imagination, buddy.’ So in terms of not listening to what other people told me about who I was as an actress and then really pursuing it, I think I’ve been daring in that way,” she concluded.

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