Actress Lacey Chabert Landed Jaywalking Ticket On Her Birthday

The actress, now 30, was out in Hollywood with her sisters when they crossed Sunset Boulevard and were pulled over by a traffic cop.

“It was my birthday party,” she tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live. “I had my birthday crown on and a pink dress and he pulls us over and said, ‘You guys couldn’t have gone to the crosswalk?’ And he gave us a talking to.

“You shouldn’t jaywalk, you shouldn’t, but we were with a crowd of 30 people, we thought it was OK to cross the street. We all got tickets. It cost about $ 1,000.

“I was just standing there in my pink dress and my crown and I had tears in my eyes.”

The real-life good girl has also been cited for performing an illegal U-turn and rolling through a stop sign, but she reveals she didn’t actually have to pay a fine for the latter offence.

“I go to pay the ticket… and it was nowhere to be found in the records, so it was my luckiest day,” she says. “I didn’t have to pay a ticket.”

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