Social media, especially Instagram, is where many of us and celebrities go to showcase the best aspects of life…most likely touched up and filtered.

However, while many posts can be inspiring, some can be controversial and even dangerous. Kids, it’s best to not try these five things at home.  

1. Victoria Beckham‘s leg pose: The fashion designer and Spice Girls singer likes to show off her flexibility in high heels…if you have none (flexibility, that is), it’s best to avoid the pain. Damn, it hurts just looking.

Speaking of which…

2. …basically anything Hilaria Baldwin does: Alec Baldwin‘s wife is an experienced yoga instructor. If you are not and if you do this…

Or—holy crap!—this…

…you may end up hurting yourself.

(And she’s pregnant with her and Alec’s third child, too! If you are also expecting a baby, it would be best to consult with your doctor before attempting such physical activity.)

3. Basically anything Steve-O does: The Jackass star and daredevil also uses Instagram to showcase some of his wild stunts, which include placing a poisonous spider on a man’s cheek, climbing onto the top of a boat…

…and whatever this was.

5. Promoting drug use: Cyrus, Rihanna and Chris Brown are among several celebs who have posted on Instagram pics of themselves with joints or blunts.

While it’s not confirmed that they actually contained pot or other (federally) illegal or controversial substances, it’s not the most positive message to send to fans, especially younger ones.


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