10-Piece Be Active Multicultural Music Kit (Teen/Adult) – explore the sounds of the world!

10-Piece Be Active Multicultural Music Kit (Teen/Adult) - explore the sounds of the world!

  • This super multicultural set comes with 10 exciting pieces, many handmade in their country of origin
  • Includes large double-headed Tom Tom with 2 mallets, large Ghana Shakere, medium Guiro with scraper & medium Gankogui with wooden striker
  • Also includes a set of Large Maracas with lovely color details as well as a 39″ dried cactus & thorn Rainstick. See Description below for detailed instrument information.
  • Your Be-Active set includes instruments traditionally from Africa and South America; See also the Island Sounds Kit, Campsite Rhythm Kit and Global Rhythm Kits under separate listings.
  • The perfect way to introduce a rainbow of ethnicity to your musical get-together; Suitable for Teens/Adults

10 pieces
Age 12+
Djembe Drum x 1 – this lightweight, traditionally African Djembe Drum has a composite body and replaceable, tunable synthetic head. Produces rich tones with minimal effort (Size: 22 x 11.25 x 11.25in.)
Wood Maracas x 2 – large wooden Maracas hand-painted with beautiful details in Mexico. They produce a louder, fuller sound than smaller versions (11 x 4 in.).
Latin American Wooden Fish Guiro with Striker x 1 – introduce ethnicity into your music session! Hand made in Mexico, the Guiro is played by scratching or striking with the included scraper. It’s exciting, because no two Guiros look or sound exactly alike (12 x 3 in.).
Handmade West African (Ghanese) Shekere x 1 – your Shekere uses “Tear of Job” beads and thick gourds for extra durability and ease of playing. Each gourd has a unique size and handle shape. Play by shaking, twisting or tapping (7 – 8 in.).
Handmade West African Gankogui with Mallet x 1 – your recycled metal Gankogui

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